Foxglove: Spells and Magic

Today we would like to take a closer look at the thimble


When you think about it, you immediately picture a classic tailor with glasses and a thimble, don't you? Especially in times when everything was made manually and without the help of machines, the thimble was the savior in need. Precisely for this reason, namely to protect against injuries at work, it was invented and designed by Goldschmied in 1746. The thimble was designed and sold in a number of designs during its most popular period. Before I forget, I really want to mention that these precious pieces can be seen in museums today. 😊

According to legend, thimbles were also used by witches as measuring vessels when preparing their magical concoctions. A bat ear, three frog legs and a little thimble dust... - and the witch's drink is ready 😊 If you just look at the antique thimbles, they don't even seem to be without magic. In particular, the antique clothes made in the hands of a thimble-wearing tailor can only be enchanted, can't they? 😊

And here are our thimbles. The best selling products in our store. They are still indispensable protectors for today's tailors 😊 .

I wish each of you a wonderful day with a pinch of thimble magic 😊

Your FERPA team


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