Elastic Tapes

12 products

    12 products

    Our high-quality ribbons and cords are produced in Turkey exclusively for our company FERPA Textile. We offer you a wide selection of different variants and colors.

    For large order quantities, we can also produce according to individual requirements. Please contact us at info@ferpashop.com

    All types of tapes:

    Tutu ribbons or elastic crochet ribbon (mesh fabric)

    soft and light rubber cord

    Hat elastic cord, elastic and strong

    Elastic cord

    Double tube elastic cord (baby)

    elastic bands for clothing

    elastic edging/folding elastic

    elastic band

    strong flat rubber band

    soft flat elastic band

    silver/gold shimmering, strong flat elastic band

    Elastic band for shoes

    Hole elastic band/buttonhole elastic band

    Rubber thread

    Button loop (for costumes, especially wedding dresses)

    Buy high quality rubber band.

    Elastic band

    Elastic Tape

    Flat elastic band

    Retail and wholesale

    Haberdashery and tailoring supplies

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