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      Waterproof zipper, metal zipper sold by the metre

      Our high-quality zippers are produced in Turkey exclusively for our company FERPA Textile. We offer you a wide selection of different variants and colors.

      For large order quantities, we can also produce according to individual wishes. Please contact us at info@ferpashop.com

      Zipper Types:

      Meterware or endless zipper

      Concealed zip closure

      Plastic/ Delrin zipper

      Zipper for bedding

      Zipper for jackets

      Zipper for jeans

      metal zipper

      Zipper for dresses

      Zipper for tents

      Zipper puller

      Special zipper

      Two-way zipper

      nylon zipper


      reversing slider

      What are separable and non-separable zippers?
      Separable zippers can be unhooked at the end of the zipper. These zippers can be opened completely at the bottom. These are mainly used in sportswear, jackets and coats. It is very important that these can be unhooked so that the jacket can be opened completely to be taken off.
      Non-separable zippers cannot be completely separated from each other. We recommend the indivisible zippers for use on skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans, bags and bed linen, for example. These are worked with non-divisible zippers.

      Invisible zipper:
      The seam-concealed zipper is fine and of high quality. Invisible zippers are mostly sewn on dresses, skirts and blouses made of fine fabrics.

      endless zipper:
      The endless zippers are bought by the meter so that you can adjust your zipper individually to the desired length. The sliders are sold separately. Endless zippers cannot be separated and the ends must then be sewn carefully. This type of zipper is mostly used for bedding, pillow cases, bags, etc. used.
      They are available in both plastic and metal versions.

      Metal zipper:
      Metal zippers can be separable and non-separable. The teeth are made of metal in any length. The zipper teeth are available in different colors, such as silver, silver-aged, brass, brass-aged, brass-black, copper or copper-aged. The slider is also metal and is either hooked or produced standard automatic.​​​​
      Special zip:
      Special zippers are also available as separable and non-separable. They can be made in different colors and fabrics, as well as equipped with specially made teeth. For example, zippers with shimmering teeth or a plastic zipper with a metal look.

      Two-way zipper:
      The two-way zipper is divisible and has two sliders. So it can be closed at the top and bottom.


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